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As a Wix expert, I love delivering stunning and functionally sound Wix websites. Wix is extremely user-friendly, giving you a design edge at an affordable price, with capability of making changes as you go.

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Ready for a Wix site tailored to all of your needs? Wix sites come with installation, design, customized features, necessary integrations, and of course, training. 

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Design and development services for a stunning, mobile-friendly WordPress website with all the goodies to maximize SEO and convert your visitors.

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Let’s launch your new site in Squarespace. I’ll provide custom design work, integrations, e-commerce support necessary. Surprise!—you’ll also get 20% off hosting with me.


Working with Wix? I’ll execute custom design work for your mobile-friendly website and get you ready to launch. Need redesign or migration services? Done!

Key Integrations

Get the support and guidance needed to optimize your site. Single day services offer flexibility as I tackle your various project over 6 hours in one day. 

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Need to solve a problem? Do you need an audit, discovery, brand strategy, or consulting services? Don’t waste a minute – meet with me and let’s maximize your marketing strategy!

Support & Training

Is your brand making a statement? As your company signature, let’s define or level up your digital and physical assets that define and establish your brand.

let's build your Wix website!

To get started with your Wix site, visit my Upwork project (happily reporting a 100% job success score) or schedule a consultation.

Once the project is in place, we will have an introductory kick-off call, where we chat about your brand, the look-and-feel of your dream site, identify needs, key audience, and messaging, and then view any inspiration sites or mood-boards you might have.

Then, my friend, we are off to the races. 

frequently asked questions

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. According to WordPress, 43% of the web is built with it, meaning more bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined. WordPress can accommodate any type of site including a business site, e-commerce, internet publishing or blog, personal portfolio or CV, and beyond!

There are thousands of plugins and add-ons, so even if you start small, your site has complete flexibility to scale. With WordPress, your site can help you acquire leads, utilize contact forms, manage subscriptions, all with automatic backup and so many more features. As the WordPress folks say, “No matter what you want to do, there’s a plugin for that.”

I personally love creating with WordPress because the flexibility feels limitless. Whether you’re Bloomberg (WordPress), Salesforce (WordPress), Vimeo (WordPress), or Spotify (again, WordPress), WordPress offers solutions for every business, entrepreneur, and situation.

There are so many reasons why WordPress would be great for your business site. It can be used to build the perfect small business website, start an online store, sell digital or physical goods, launch your blog, initiate a members-only website, or sell courses online. Here are a few more reasons why WordPress might be great for your website:


WordPress is an inexpensive hosting option for your site. Technically, WordPress is free! All that you’ll purchase is the hosting and domain.

SEO Performance

WordPress’ SEO performance is excellent, and it’s built to integrate with powerful SEO tools like AIOSEO, Yoast SEO or Monsterinsights. These tools help you gauge your post names, descriptions, and pages, giving you a leg up on your search appearance and finability.


WordPress has major plasticity when it comes to functionality. There is literally an app for anything you’d hope to achieve. A small restaurant that starts out with a simple landing page could easily scale as they go. Ready to add reservation capability, sell merchandise, market Chef’s special sauce, create a member’s only area for your food vendors? The possibilities are possibly endless.


WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce options out there and it was literally built for WordPress. Easy win.

Design Options

WordPress has a slough of  builders available. I work primarily with Elementor, leading website builder platform on WordPress.

WordPress site timeframe really varies dependent on your needs. If you are looking to launch a simple 5-6 page site with the standard site navigation (homepage, services, blog, about, contact) and have most of your content/copy prepared, you can expect anywhere between 2-6 weeks. More customized sites with unique features can take longer, or around 6-9 weeks.

Please contact me for a quote, or visit my Upwork page to see my pricing tiers for WordPress 😊  

Please contact me for a quote, or visit my Upwork page to see my pricing tiers for WordPress 😊