Weekly Marketing Roundup: October 30 - November 5, 2022

Casey, Swish Creative Studio

Hello and welcome to the weekly marketing roundup! Here’s a quick list of weekly design news, trends, strategies, podcast episodes, and other goodies. Let’s see what this week (October 30 – November 5) has in store.

1. What Is Conversational AI: A 2023 Guide You’ll Actually Use

2. 32 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2023

The state of social can be hard to forecast. Behemoths like Meta continue in a gradual decline, TikTok is ever on the rise, and Twitter is in a constant in-between of $8 blue checks a-la Stephen King and processing the barrage of Elon tweets. This list from SocialMediaToday gives marketers like yourself an idea of what your brand can do to best interpret the shifts unfolding for 2023. Read the full article here.

3. Do you have what it takes to Freelance?

4. Airbnb's Radical Adjustment to Marketing Expenditures

Airbnb’s post-pandemic marketing expenditures inflicted a change to their entire cost structure. Wanting to future-proof themselves through future weakened economies or recessions, they flipped their structures and embraced being a lean organization, focused on PR and education as a tool to win new customers. Read the full story here.

5. Reddit Revolt, Pete Davidson and Taco Bell

As Google’s impending analytics changes continue to chug ahead, making sure your data doesn’t end up scrambled with errors is becoming an increasingly important topic. CMS Wire discusses the necessity of building and testing new Data Studio (or Looker) dashboards with GA4 now, while access to Universal Analytics dashboards is still in place. 

6. American Eagle on leveraging the Metaverse

MarketingDive takes a look at American Eagle’s holiday social media strategy which hopes to be more immersive, more clever, and more engaging. AE’s CEO Craig Brommers explains how the retailer is ramping up social activity and turning their focus to the Metaverse. This holiday season, AE will have three virtual, shoppable experiences in Snapchat, using the front-facing camera to explore. Read the full story here.

7. Understanding Brand Perception

Neil Patel takes a deeper look at how to define and measure brand perception. There are so many channels to keep in touch with as a marketer, but what’s most important? As Patel says, “perception is everything!” Whether or not customers have an accurate view of your brand, what matters most is what their perceptions are. Learn to make better decisions about your own marketing strategy by identifying and adjusting over time by using these tactics, and read the full article here.

8. The joy of aligning with other departments

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