Weekly Marketing Roundup: October 23-29, 2022

Casey, Swish Creative Studio

Hello and welcome to the weekly marketing roundup! Here’s a quick list of weekly design news, trends, strategies, podcast episodes, and other goodies. Let’s see what this week (October 23-29) has in store.

1. How To Make B2B Marketing NOT Boring, With Mark Jung

2. 20 Years of the Marketoonist

From brand loyalty beyond reason, to the five stages of marketing emotions, Madlib mission statements, and the 2011 resounding gong of “Like us on Facebook,” the Marketoonist covers 20 years of truly excellent marketing commentary. Watch the full video here.

3. Peoples is Peoples. UX is people.

Should you not have picked up that classic Muppets Take Manhattan quote from Pete, be sure to add that to your Hulu watchlist. But in the meantime, the legend himself Jakob Nielsen (truly, he is a UX wizard) covers just UX is people. It is inherent in the term “user experience.” Nielsen explains that we need to understand the person to design with human characteristics, so that our experiences are truly people-centric. Watch the full video here.

4. 11 Best B2B Methods You Should Be Leveraging

B2B prospecting is one of those early phases in B2B sales where buyers are identified and connected with, and where a deal is possibly set in motion. One of the trickier activities, it can involve multiple rounds of outreach and research, but the process, done effectively, can boost sales significantly and keep things afloat. Jay Fuchs discusses 11 of the best B2B methods that we should be leveraging right now.

5. Storytelling Trends in Marketing for 2023

Marketing storytelling provides marketers with the ability to engage their audience on a human level and capturing interest, or sharing a narrative and dialogue that captivates. Aspects like soundtrack, cinematography, and faces or actors can draw users in and help them recall the narrative and brand long after seeing it. Round out the story with these nine storytelling trends as you make your plans for 2023.

6. Leveraging Google Data Studio as the GA4 Transition Looms

As Google’s impending analytics changes continue to chug ahead, making sure your data doesn’t end up scrambled with errors is becoming an increasingly important topic. CMS Wire discusses the necessity of building and testing new Data Studio (or Looker) dashboards with GA4 now, while access to Universal Analytics dashboards is still in place. 

7. Create a Buyer Persona Template to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Raluca Radu from The Digital Brunch discusses the buyer persona and how it differs from your target audience. See how to segment beyond a demographic profile so that you are defining your buyer’s key values and goals when looking at your product or service. See the full explainer here.

8. Reason #1258702938120 Why Design Always Matters

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