Weekly Marketing Roundup: November 6 - 12, 2022

Casey, Swish Creative Studio

Hello and welcome to the weekly marketing roundup! Here’s a quick list of weekly design news, trends, strategies, podcast episodes, and other goodies. Let’s see what this week (November 6-12) has in store.

1. 3 Ways To Use Word-of-mouth Marketing to Grow

2. The 4-hour Work Week in 2022 versus 2007 with Tim Ferris

One of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People” Tim Ferris explores his approach to the 4-hour work week in 2022 versus 2007. The author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers (and “the Oprah of audio”) explores how to approach in-person marketing.

From conferences to bloggers, networking to pitching, Ferris elaborates on how maximize ROI by marketing with a high-labor yet interpersonal approach. Watch the full video here.

3. Netflix’s ad-supported tier is here

4. The Psychology of Color in Marketing

Branding and color is deeply intertwined, and the hues that we choose to define and represent our branding can indicate certain psychological responses in our audience. From how we’re perceived to inspiring trust, to boosting attention and action, learn how the overwhelming power of brand colors and what they do to the human brain. Check out the full infographic here.

5. Ye Ole Marketing Tactics That Are Still Relevant Today (Don't Count Them Out Yet, Folks!)

How do we know as marketers what trends will come, go, or stick around? Standing the test of time is no small feat, and jumping to new channels can sometimes have great reward, and sometimes yield no real value. While not every brand needs to adopt ever marketing strategy or tactic, whatever the case, brands connecting with their customer in some sort of personable way, pays off.

In this article from RIS, we see three excellent examples of consumer marketing trends that are still useful and worth our marketing efforts. See the full article here.

6. 4 Lies About Marketing That Tech Startups Need to Stop Believing

Whether you’re the new kid on the block, or a seasoned marketer, every campaign will leave you with valuable lessons and experience. As a result, there are certain irrevocable truths around our craft, and how to get the most value for your marketing investments. Dana Kachan of Entrepreneur brings to light marketing management tips, gleaned from years of advising dozens of startups. From AI to smart home electronics, or fintech to software development, these lessons reveal the real juice of what makes startup marketing teams successful. See the full list here.

7. Twitter World Class Marketing Lessons

Ome Michael of Copywriting Doc lines up seven Twitter threads that give the juicy scoop that a world class marketing program would teach you. Save 35K hours of time and check out these valuable threads. My personal favorite is this one from Tanmay Singh Chauhan on selling inspiration as opposed to products. Read the full thread here.

8. "Did you mean to post that?"

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